Cloud Consult, LLC
Cloud Consult, LLC


As a team, we review your cloud strategy and assess its strengths and weaknesses.


Plan & Design

The assessment leads our team to plan and design the cloud strategy most likely to succeed.


Once you approve the plan, we implement it by bringing your plan to reality - Cloud Data, UCaaS, SD-WAN...


You succeed.  Things work.  Bills are lower and correct.  Stress is reduced. Proficts are up.

Cloud Solutions Customized for Your Business.

Cloud Consult, LLC is a full-service cloud services consulting company based in Hilton Head Island, SC.  We offer specialized, highly customized solutions for small to enterprize sized businesses. Using powerful, best in class techniques we Assess, Plan and Design, Implement & Connect you to the cloud.  We do what's needed to help you succeed with your cloud services.

Migrating to a new platform? Need help deciding what cloud platforms are best? Lack the resources to assess today's cloud technology - from VoIP and Unified Communications, to CRM, to database systems like AWS or Azure, and on and on and on...? You've come to the right place.


No two businesses are the same. We believe the cloud technology supporting your business operations should reflect the specific needs of your company. Use our website to learn more about us and how our customized cloud solutions can work for you.